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ACT essay writing guidelines

The ACT writing essay test is designed to test the writing skills of high school graduates and those wishing to gain entrance into college or university. In the test, you will be given a current issue as well as three separate opinions/ perspectives on that issue. You need to:

That's what you need to do but what exactly are you being tested on?

Firstly it's worth knowing that your essay will be marked by 2 examiners who contribute 50% of the mark each. Your final score will be between 2 - 12 and each examiner will mark you between 1 - 6. So what are they looking for? Here are the main criteria on which you will be scrutinised:

Lets break that down a bit further and take a closer look at one.

Ideas and Analysis

This looks at your ability to create critically engaging ideas based on a variety of opinions on a subject. You need to fully understand the perspectives put forward, the reason for writing and the issues you are required to address.

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