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List of Interesting Huckleberry Finn Essay Topics

In this article, I want to give you five areas of interest that you can explore when writing about Huckleberry Finn, or indeed any other great work of literature. By realising where to look you can spend more time building that great article from scratch and gain those fantastic grades.

  1. Gender.
    The battle of the sexes has been written about since the dawn of time so there is an abundance of material to go for here. An essay on Huckleberry Finn could look at the gender roles within the book. The women in Huckleberry Finn are not limited by their gender and seen as caretakers of society and civility. In contrast, the men are portrayed as more outgoing and rewarded for uniqueness and taking risks. How does this relate to modern-day? Are the perceptions of gender the same as in Twain's time or have they radically changed, and how?
  2. Comparison of genres.
    Another aspect to look at for ideas on Huckleberry Finn essay topics are the comparisons to other books of the same time or genre. How do they compare to each other? and what are the differences and similarities between them? In regards to Huckleberry Finn, there are three genres that you could look at: picaresque, bildungsroman, and satire. Find an equally impressive book in these fields and you should have the basis for an enthralling paper.
  3. Historical context.
    The authors' story and background will probably have an influence on the stories they write. The controversies connected to their work could be something worth exploring and heaven knows there's enough background on Mark Twain to fill a library. In regards to our book, you could look at the significance of the book within its own era and how it faithfully, or not, represents the beliefs of its time.
  4. Politics.
    Politics are always going to be involved with a piece of literature on some level and can be a gold mine for essay topics. The three main types of politics in our book are discrimination, rights and equality are all addressed in Huckleberry Finn as it's set at a time when slavery was still legal and black people were thought of as less than human. A Huckleberry Finn racism essay could be one that ties into the events of recent times allowing you to bring contemporary life into your work.
  5. Religion.
    As with politics, it's rare that a work of literature doesn't involve religion in some way and you could look at how it is promoted throughout the book or how the book itself is religious. Huckleberry Finn comes across religion and speaks about Sunday school throughout the book, is there an essay on how the religion of Mark Twain compares to the religion of today?

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