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15 Potential 5-Paragraph Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students have to complete some form of essay whether they like it or not and yes, they are all vital and important for building their career. Writing these papers help students to develop strong analyzing skills, writing abilities, researching skills, it keeps them focused as well as it helps to build determination and perseverance. Most essays when preparing a five paragraph paper, you must ensure you take into consideration a few factors such as the necessary guidelines and steps to transition from one paragraph to the next without any issues. Having a good flow through makes for better presentation of researched information and easier reading for individuals. When contemplating on how to structure the five paragraph essay, you can work with this format:

  1. Introduction- This is where you tell the readers what the paper will be about. Try to be as concise and make the relevance to the direct topic visible.
  2. Second paragraph- This is where you start to make your strong points on the selective topic. Ensure that every topic you choose, you can have 2-3 viable points for effective discussion.
  3. Third paragraph- Use this paragraph to outline and analyze your second point. Most times you can use you second strongest point in this paragraph.
  4. Fourth paragraph- Give your views on the points discussed in paragraph 2-3. You can also use this opportunity to make any additional points about paragraphs 2-3 or whether it may have been a new topic.
  5. Conclusion- Rap up and finalize your key points.

Finding high school research paper topics to write these papers are not as hard as there are so many things going on in society. Here is a list of effective topics students can choose from:

This is just a short list of the many possible topics which high school students can choose from to write their papers. They are also set in a way to allow students to easily formulate other topics from them as well as allowing them to develop strong points for discussion. The topics listed were assessed based on a five paragraph paper structure and how effective they could be to work.

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