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Finding strong examples of annotated bibliography essays

Annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliographies essay topic is a citation lists of books, articles, and any other related documents used in the research of a given topic. In addition to information on the author, date of publication, editions or revisions, publisher and title of the source, an annotated bibliography provides the reader with a brief descriptive and evaluative summary of the source known as the annotation. Funny that. The sources are discussed in terms of their relevance, accuracy, and quality to the respective subject field.
In the critical analysis of the source content, you need to focus on the various areas of the research. Here is a brief overview of what to include:

There three examples of annotated bibliography essay which you will need to choose from.

  1. Indicative
    Indicative annotated bibliographies are concerned with the sources scope and provide a list of the important topics as well as a description of what the paper is about. However, it does not provide the actual information and does not attempt to show hypothesis or evidence.
  2. Informative
    An informative annotated bibliography is the simplest form and provides a summarisation of the source material. Generally, the begin with a thesis statement which is then developed through an argument or hypothesis followed by a conclusion. Its aim is to summarise information in regards to the author and the key points of the work.
  3. Evaluative
    In an evaluative annotated bibliography the usefulness and quality is evaluated in regards to its particular strengths and weaknesses associated to it. It does this by providing a critical analysis of the work
    The source or author are critically reviewed with scrutiny placed on biases, lack of evidence or objectives and reflect its use within a particular field or to a specific audience
    Finally, they give an explanation as to how you were assisted by researching the material
    This type of bibliography gives you more of an opportunity to express why you believe the work to be useful.
  4. Combination
    It is very common for annotated bibliography essay to be a combination of the three styles and this type will contain a summary or description of the content, evaluate its usefulness in regards to a certain field as well as an in-depth analysis on why the source was written.

You must choose the correct style of annotated bibliography to use in your paper in order to score those really high marks. Remember, it is meant to engage your reader and ultimately want to read further.

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